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A new way to dispose of sharps
« on: April 05, 2008, 01:26:39 pm »
For everyone who is using needles, I have a new way to dispose of them.

You will need:
1- Unopened Thick Metal Sauce Can
2- pairs of pliers
1- candle and/ or lighter

To start get the can and make a small hole in the top and empty the contents (make dinner with it, don't just throw it out). Rinse it out and now you have part 1.

Next each time you have a needle to dispose of. Light the candle and grip the plastic part with the pliers. Heat up the metal of the needle for 5- 10 seconds and then grip the metal with the other pliers and pull the sharp away from you. It should just slide out and then you can drop the needle into the can. You don't need to melt the plastic just heat the metal slightly. With a little practice you will know how long to heat the metal. Now you can recycle the plastic parts and your sharp bin will take forever to fill up.

Only fill the can about 3/4 full. Once it is full then take a hammer and smack the top where the hole is until the can collapses around the needles. You are done hitting it when you can shake it and the needles don't move. Now you can toss it in the recycling. If you have a blood born illness please stick to regular sharps bins and disposal. I read about this trick a while ago and it is working well for me. It is used in a lot of poor countries to dispose of sharps in a safe way that prevents them from being scavenged for needles to shoot up with. I also toss my razor blades and other sharp stuff in. As always make sure you store this out of the reach of animals, children and people unable to recognize or understand danger.