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The Federal Marriage Amendment: Unnecessary, Anti-Federalist,and Anti-Democratic

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If the full faith and credit clause applied to everything then my conceal carry permit would have been valid everywhere.  I had to go through the local sheriff and submit to a federal review before it went through.  Not to mention the 12 hours worth of class time (which was very well done, very thorough on the laws and shoot/no shoot situations).  It is also a part of public records (hopefully those who steal cannot read).

The truth is that the states and the feds accept what they want and throw the rest out.  We are going to see it with marriages and then with drivers licenses unless the courts stop the madness now.

Are y'all aware that the Attorney General is now stating that ISPs should save all records of where their clients surf?

Posted at: June 05, 2006, 10:04:45 AMangelsgirl,

In the U.S. it depends on where you live if the marriage is good after surgery.  However, most look at it like this:  whatever your birth gender is, you are no matter what you do or legal documents say. 

Thanks for the info!  I'll have to check into that. 
--- Quote ---However, most look at it like this: whatever your birth gender is, you are no matter what you do or legal documents say
--- End quote ---

While, I'm relieved that our marriage won't be made invalid, I'm also kind of sad that Jocelyn may never be recognized for being the woman that she is. 

Hey everyone,

Today they voted to end debate and bring the "Defense of Marriage" ammendment to a vote. They needed 60 votes to end the debate and bring it to a vote. The vote was 49-48, just one more vote than they mustered 2 years ago and 11 votes short of the votes needed just to get the measure to the Senate floor for a vote on the actual ammendment. Had the ammendment actually made it to the Senate floor for a vote, it would have needed 67 votes to pass. They are 18 votes short. They knew this had no chance, but wasted the Senates time to appease the far right wing of the Republican party.

Acts of bigotry, hatred and segregation, in my opinion are not good subjects for ammending our constitution. Leaders that drives us apart as a people and a nation, extending rights to some, giving priviledge to the wealthy, while seriously curtailing rights for others is not the great America I was raised to beleive I live in. However, votes like this help keep me optomistic.

Love always,

More importantly, from the Republican Party's point of view, it gives them something to hang their hats on come election time.  I can already hear them shouting, "Elect more Republicans so we can preserve the integrity of the family and the sanctity of marriage!"

It means that they are nervous about November.  This vote today was simply the opening salvo of the upcoming General Election.


I don't know Chaunte.  The "Burning Bush" burnt the people and a lot of bridges.



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