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Here's a question that Gill saw on a news feed she gets.  An SO reminded MtF's who are going through with SRS/GRS to make arrangements for a gynecologist for post operative life.  Have any of you done this?  When I saw my doctor yesterday, she said that as soon as I get a date for surgery she would provide me with a referral as a special case as the waiting list in my area can be up to a year.


I have not had SRS but have known a few women locally who have gone to a gynecologist after surgery was done.  One had moved into the area and surprised her doc when she told him she was TS.  he went back in for another look and complimented the surgeon.  And cool that your doctor can do that for you.  :)

I have had SRS and I have seen a gynocologist. I saw her about 3 months after surgery and then about 6 months later as I felt I had some problems. It turned out that I didn't. My surgeon was in Thailand so there was no way that I could go back to him so a gynocologist was the first doctor that looked down there. I have since learned that really any doctor could do the same as we don't have the plumbing that genetic female has. All we have is just a vagina and for a doctor to look up there and make sure there is nothing growing that shouldn't be. Also the doctor could check other parts too. You really don't need an expensive gynocologist. Now, I really thing for the first two or three exams you should use the gynocologist. Just to make sure everything is in order. My doctor writes my prescriptions for hormones and everything else that I need. She checks my breasts and also checks my prostrate. You will still have one of those and needs to be checked.

Thanks so much for the replies, info and advice.  Makes a lot of sense.  Fortunately Gyno visits are covered under our health system.



--- Quote from: Sheila ---She checks my breasts and also checks my prostrate. You will still have one of those and needs to be checked.

--- End quote ---


I had no idea the prostate stayed. For some reason I thought it was removed. Do you know why it is not? I thought it's only function was to make ejaculate. Do you know what function it serves, if any?

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