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Gone 2 far?

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Oh right ok, I understand.. different meaning that !

Mony, oh doth that pain I know well.
Statically improbable yes, to be sure. (though it is not improbable for a 15yo to whip out a game and throw it on the net.. what is improbable is that the game is actually worth something and sells enough to warrant continued interest). Presumably us TG lot are supposed to be smart cookies on average, so perhaps presumable that increases the odds a touch in the favor of making something worth something. (if nothing else it’s something to put on the portfolio for later employment).

“One Strike” is very appropriate for high-risk environments where teamwork is a requirement. … I wholeheartedly agree that it has it’s place.
Probably less appropriate for a pre puberty child though, which is when I outwardly exhibited that mentality. – If I had not ‘dropped’ that line of though I would have… um… one person (apart from parents) from childhood to now that I would associate with. … Mayhaps my peer group stunk worse than most?

This thought is deviating pretty far from the original topic though :-\

I am of age of employment but i cant get a job and when i do it doesnt last too long.

Iv decided to remain a c/d but not a full 1.iv made this choice becuase of my family but im not happy about it but i just dont want to upset them.

Today i had alittle chat with my mum as she knows i own womans underware as she found them in my room once but she thinks i just like to look at them so we had a chat about it today as i told her i got some more as she was wondering why i didnt like her going in my room so i had to say something.anways to cut a long story short shes ok with me having womans underware and she said its ok just as long as i dont dress up like a woman and go out and she also said if my dad ever found out that i had womans stuff in my room that he would not take kindly to it so thats why im only going to stick to womans lingeir and stuff that i can hide under my clothes and also skincare stuff as it goes un,noticed.

Im not happy about it but hey i guess is better then nothing.
Sometimes it feels like im just here to please my family but saying that they are good to me and half the people my age would have been told to leave home by now.

things have been really hard lately,mentaly i mean.

You need to live awhile before making such a decision as SRS.



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