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Transsexual, ex-wife settle custody fight

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Transsexual, ex-wife settle custody fight

After Dr. Phil urged them to put the kids first, the two shifted their battle from court to mediation.

By CHRIS TISCH, Times Staff Writer
Published June 11, 2005

CLEARWATER - A transsexual and his former wife have settled their seven-year custody dispute, ending a landmark case that pitted the rights of <not allowed> people against defenders of traditional marriage.
Under the settlement, transsexual Michael Kantaras will share custody of two children with his former wife, Linda.

A compromise situation between two opposing views, and I preceive a win by the transsexual person on many personal levels, though it remains to be seen how it works out.

I hope there are many solutions in this for her, beyond her feelings for her children.  It remains to be seen over time.


Her?  Only if you were referring to the birth mother!

No, wasn't discussing the mother, Only the transsexual person, though I knew not her transitional situation, only that it is the issue in the case.

Without having known the inner facts, I opologise for the misuse of the word.

I did not really read the link you posted,  only the short form you posted. I have now followed the link. I realize now why your objection to the term, as the marrage was legally made after the transition, which says a lot aside from some other things I noticed.  Sorry for not taking a complete look before posting.  I was otherwise distracted.


I think Leigh's point was that the transsexual person is male, so he's a he.



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