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[AK] Anchorage PrideFest Parade


Kate Thomas:
Anchorage, Alaska
June 24
11:00am - The Imperial Court of All Alaska presents the Celebrating Diversity Parade, downtown (E St to 6th Ave to K Street)
12 Noon - 5:00pm - Festival on the Parkstrip (between I & L St)

--- Quote ---Floats and marching contingents in the past have included Identity, The Imperial Court of All Alaska, Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, Lamb of God Metropolitan Community Church, Alaskans For Civil Rights(ACR), Mad Myrna's, The Last Frontier Men's Club, Young Gay Men's Association, ICOAA Emperor and Empress, UAA's The Family, Ms. Alaska Leather, Alaskans for Choice, Alaska AIDS Assistance Association, Adam & Steve, Alaskan Klingon Club, People of Faith, Anchorage Librarians, Anchorage High Schools Gay-Straight Alliance, Alaska Green Party, and more. Individuals are always encouraged to march with homemade signs in memory of those lost to AIDS or hate crimes or to express their own personal pride.

2005 parade winners

Best Float:
1. Imperial Court of All Alaska
Best Motorized:
1. Dykes on Bikes
2. Mad Myrna's Friday Night Divas
3. Misty Dawn
Best Marching/Walking UniT:
1. Gay Straight Alliance
2. S.T.A.R. (Standing Together Against Rape)
3. Alaskan AIDS Assistance Association
Best Overall:
Imperial Court of All Alaska
Best Original Individual Marcher:
Mattuis Fleusbay
Most Enthusiastic:
Adam & Steve

--- End quote ---


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