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[NC] A Dress Code for Grads.

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Kate Thomas:
Lost in Time  this horse and buggy viewpoint is beginning to make sense

--- Quote ---Dress code is test of rights

By Matt Leclercq
Staff writer
Fayetteville (NC) Observer

The school’s rules were clear: Girls wear dresses, and boys wear slacks.

But the law — and whether Douglas Byrd High School ignored it by barring a girl from graduation this week — is murky.

Legal experts say Bobbie Spanbauer’s punishment for refusing to wear a dress to graduation presents a largely unexplored test of student rights. At the core is a debate over gender discrimination, her lawyer says. Can a school require girls and boys to dress as girls and boys typically do? Or have times changed so that forcing girls to wear dresses amounts to an outdated stereotype?
--- End quote ---

Oh I would have been pissed. Mind you a rule like that would've been just the thing to get me to wear a tux. Instead I let my mother dress me and she bought some godawful frilly <not allowed> that I sold to a drag queen a week after grad. I did, however wear it. And I felt like I was in drag and not fun drag.


jan c:
Let's Do The Time Warp again?

I am flabbergasted. In North Carolina, in 1970, I was in the 9th grade when girls were allowed to wear slacks to school for the first time. About, I donno, 95% of the girls were immediately in pants.

"Or have times changed so that forcing girls to wear dresses amounts to an outdated stereotype?"

35, 36 years ago they had. Just up the road a piece. According to popular demand.
This is just spooky.

Posted at: June 10, 2006, 01:42:13 AMIs that a public school or a religion-based school?

Kate Thomas:
The thing to remember is the pride that your mother and loved ones held for you  at that moment in time.
I was a bit of a rebel in high school and had long frizzy hair, that i fluffed out, so my memory of graduation is not of me getting the diploma. but one of mom bursting into tears when she saw my hair. 


I avoided all that cr.., er, stuff by dropping out of HS - not a recommended course but effective!

The gender fascists are still out there and, unforunately, many still in positions of power.  Good for Bobbie Spanbauer to stand up to one of them!

Kudos and applause are definitely in order here.  :eusa_clap: :eusa_clap: :eusa_clap: :eusa_clap: :eusa_clap:



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