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TransFabulous [London]


Kate Thomas:
An International Festival of Transgender Arts

--- Quote ---An official part of EuroPride London 2006, the Transfabulous festival will be a celebration of International Transgender arts and culture

For the whole of June, Oxford House in Bethnal Green will host a month long exhibition of visual arts by and of interest to the Transgender community. The festival weekend is from 16th - 18th June.

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--- Quote ---I wanted to write a little about why we feel Transfabulous needs to happen.

Serge organises a picnic every summer to raise money for Press For Change. It grows each year. Last year, nearly 100 transpeople, their partners and friends spent the afternoon lazing around in the shade of a large oak tree in Hyde Park. A group of trans lads kicked a ball about. Baskets of home-made brownies were handed round. I met transwomen who lived near where I grew up and ran away to London from. Some of us fellas got the sun to our chests for the first time in years. I found it energising. I don't remember having a single conversation about being trans. Our trans-ness didn't have to be declared, discussed or disclosed. It was a given. And besides, we were too busy watching the sun through the leaves and enjoying being part of the biggest, coolest, most fun group of people in Hyde Park that afternoon.
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