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Social Security Number Thefts c/o Veteran's Administration

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Teri Anne:
I title this, "Social Security Thefts c/o Veteran's Administration" because, to me, they ENABLED this accident to happen.  If the loss weren't so serious, it'd be laughable.  But stupidity resides everywhere...Many years ago, I walked into an Assistant's room at work and there, on her desk, were the names and social security numbers of everyone in our department on a single piece of paper, facing up, ready to be stolen.  I asked her, "haven't you heard of identity theft?"

And now, the government is pondering HOW MUCH MONEY to give to veterans to check up on and manage possible identity theft concerns.  It's ridiculous.  The Social Security numbers, in their infancy, were never supposed to be used for anything other than government identification.  And now, every phone, cable, credit, gas and electric company has yours.  And how well are THEY safeguarding it?

I'm by no means a genius but it's curious how no one has suggested that, rather than have millions of people wondering if they are in danger of identity theft - for the rest of their LIVES! - it'd be better if, since the government CREATED the problem, they should SOLVE it.  To me, the only practical solution (which I realize is not easy or inexpensive) is to assign NEW Social Security numbers for all the affected veterans.  Few bring that possible solution up.  Some say that it would be impossible.  Note, though, that if you lose a credit card, the credit company has no problem assigning you with a NEW credit card number.

In my solution, companies can, internally within their computers, reference that the person who used to have Social Security number 222-22-2222 is now 888-88-8888.  If anyone thereafter applies for credit using the old number, 222-22-2222, the credit card company would know NOT to give that applicant credit because he's using  an expired number.

And, if the Social Security number is stolen AGAIN because of mismanagement, we ought to, AGAIN, be able to get a new number.  It shouldn't just be a one-time solution.

I'd rather, if I was at risk, do something to fix the problem rather than always wonder if this is the year that I'm going to get hit with identity theft.  A little extra work now could seemingly save a lifetime of worry.

Teri Anne

Everytime it changed we would have to update the phone, cable, credit, gas and electric company.  I think that's a lot of work for those companies and maybe one of the big reasons for not using your proposed solution.  Perhaps they should start a law where your SSN can not be your primary ID number with companies.  Banks, schools, and insurance companies use these and regularly ask you for the numbers for ID purposes.


I agree with changing all the numbers. I would rather call my utilities and lenders one time, fix the problem and move on then what is going to happen if these numbers are not fixed and identity theft takes place!

Not only will the individual face a bigger mess, so will the utility companies and lenders...their phones will never stop ringing, time after time from the individual needing to make multiple calls regarding the mess they have been placed in, without the gov doing a thing. 

I heard they were going to pay 1K per person...that will not even begin to fix the problems they are going to face.



--- Quote from: taylor on June 14, 2006, 09:27:28 am ---I heard they were going to pay 1K per person...that will not even begin to fix the problems they are going to face.

--- End quote ---

Really?  Cool, I could use that.  I know my info was in the DB, because I got a letter from them yesterday. Since I'm changing my identity anyways, it won't do somebody else much good.  I can just imagine them finallt getting the fake ID all ready of me, then I do my name change and it doesn't work for them.



Well Let me know if ya ever get that check ok? Cause they say a lot and seem to do very little!  At least they gave you a heads up that your identity was stolen!



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