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Social Security Number Thefts c/o Veteran's Administration

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Thsi is the letter we got a while back about the va worker who stole a va computer that had va information on veterans>?
The electronic world is unsure and there are so many scary thoughts of how it can be compromised!
Our work place is very much on the electronic threshold!  I worry, geeze another person cannot even use your desktop pc to type a note, you have to log off and they have to log on....
Just casues them to buy more pc's and all that!
But i see the tell tale signs of some of those chips , microchips being placed in people.  I'm saying this now if anything it will start in healthcare, healthcare will determine that the best possible way for patients or citizens to have all their relevant hisotory medically will be on a chip we all know the chips are small enoguh to hold it, implanted>?  sounds like a good idea overall right you go to hosital get a quick scan your lifes medical, diseases, current meds, visits, all comes up no waiting charts, etc?  I honestly do not think this in itelf is an awful sounding thing?  go to your pcp visits are updated or loaded electronically on your chip, i actually like this but...
But when or at what point would the government then say wait we might as well use this technology add your drivers license, etc, criminal record, etc.. Can you visualize getting pulled over for speeding having a cop scan your forehead or shoulder or wherever the implant is to see if you are a criminal or have warrants, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Is this were the next few decades will take us?  Our poor young people the next of next generations????
Wow i hope i am long gone in my next blissfull life!


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