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FEMA Pays Man for SRS/GRS!

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Saw this story today and had to post it here.  Apparently a man used FEMA funds for Katrina victims to pay for his sex reassignment surgery.   ::)  For the full story check out the link below.

What are your thoughts?


I suspect it was a woman getting SRS. As far as the source of the funds, I'm biased. I think SRS should be covered and available to people regardless of ability to pay. But then I also think that all medical needs should be. It's unfortunate that someone would resort to fraud to obtain the funds.


Fortuantely, it was only a mentioned item and not the focus of the article.  I think the vacations and alcohol were far worse things to spend money on.


jan c:
"This is an assault on the American taxpayer. Prosecutors ... should be looking at prosecuting these crimes and putting the criminals who committed them in jail for a long time."
(of course this was said by a Republikan. They do not pay taxes, AS I UNDERSTAND IT)

compared to what, IRAQ?
don't. get. me. started.

Honestly with the way this country has dealt with Katrina, the whole other mess, above, IRAQ, and any number of things you may not wanna hear me rant on, I say: "good job. you got some health care from the gummint, and you know they hate that."

Do you think bush actually cares about his approval rating?  No, he's busy trying to abuse his power before he's thrown out of office in order to establish control even after he's not president anymore.



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