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Silky Smooth:
I am trying to reply to a message recieved but it states I am not allowed. I can't even go in to anothers profile.

I need help or an explaination.


You need to have 15 posts to do this.  Susan needs to update her topic "post ranks" under announcements to reflect this.


Silky Smooth:
thanks. I thought It was me. :D

Hello Silky Smooth.

To further add to this there have been those who have posted messages just to see their post count increase.  If we feel that you are simply posting irrelevant, meaningless messages in any way to bump up your total we will simply adjust them downwards accordingly.  Remember it's the quality of the post not the quantity.

The current post ranks can be found here: Post ranks


P.S.  Have you considered changing your screen name?


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