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Misty Dawn


Kate Thomas:
The Alaska GLBT community will pay final tributes to Misty during the Pride Festival this week.

Anchorage Daily News
Misty Dawn was icon of transgender community


--- Quote ---Believed to be one of the first transgender people in Alaska, Misty Dawn came to Anchorage in the mid-'70s with a burlesque show. She liked it so much she moved here, and for almost 30 years she made her mark as an entertainer, cocktail waitress, role model and icon.

Her death in March from a stroke rocked the city's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, which on Saturday will bid a final farewell to the woman who touched many by living on her own terms.

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--- Quote ---Many called her "Mom," and many called her friend.

"She helped a lot of the transgender girls understand what was going on with them,"

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