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Monstrous Regiment


The Monstrous Regiment in question is made up of a vampire, a troll, Igor, a collection of misfits and a young woman who shoves a pair of socks down her pants to join the army.

Polly becomes Private Oliver Perks, who is on a quest to find her older brother, who's recently MIA,This collection of misfits includes a vampire (reformed and off the blood, troll, and igor, who is only too happy to sew a new leg on you if you aren't too particular about previous ownership. Polly/Oliver learns that having a pair of, um, socks is a good way to open up doors in this man's army.
 very funny and as allways terry prachett writes an excellent comic story

I love Terry Pratchett books. Would love to see someone try and make a movie out of one (and hopefully do a good job).


they have made plans to make good omens
by terry pratchett and Neil Gaiman,
Terry Gilliam to direct , just need to secure funding.

Good Omens is one of the funniest ones, I love the religious take-offs and just plain silly philosophy jokes. And Terry Gilliam directing gives me faith that it'll be well done.


Vanessa V.:
Omg yes, Regiment was a lovely book....

It was especially.... pertinent..... for me  ^-^

My favorite has to be Hogfather.... Pratchett really outdoes himself there.

Of course, its mostly best read at Christmastime, but still....

Never read Omens, but I should make the effort one of these days.


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