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[SORRY- i won't take things down again. promise. *huggles*]
I've become involved in Wicca mainly because of three reasons- i wanted to 'create' my own set of beliefs apart from Christianity (and besides- I've heard lots of people done it and became more spiritual than before), also because of my fascination that there are a group of people who actualy accepts, or at least try, people for who they are.
Well, we celebrated the Samhain festival (I'm not going to explain what it is, since this is the Wiccan boards- Lol) not to long ago and as always i arrive early to help where i can, like i do.
Because it's always open rituals, there are always new comers and other people that never met me before- and such, usually mistake me for being a girl.
The host group never really understood why i like, or why i find it exciting when strangers mistake me for being a girl- so much so that one, even commented that "this androgynous thing doesn't work in Wiccan circles." this is the first time i heard the word (me being english second language and all).
The whole festival through, i pat and wondered why i'm even there. What am i doing there if such a thing in 'not accepted'?
I'm not sure- although, I'm not sure about alot of things anymore. I guess it's just one of those things that you have to face in day to day lives- and just something to get used that someone will always say something they think is appropriate, but which is actually hurtfull toward you. That's probably what happens when you're not openly honest in the world.
Anyhow- i guess that i have to get to the point, here we go:
How far do you think your acceptance go? Considering that you are in a gender minority within a (growing) religious minority.
I guess i just want to be reassured that the comment was more of a personal thing rather than a religious thing, but answers will be interesting none the less.
*smiles and hugs*

I had read the orginal post, but didn't reply because I felt I needed time to think it through. Then, I got distracted and didn't get a chance to revisit it.

I wouldn't say I've felt more (or less) acceptance among Wiccans (or Asatru) than among Christians. But then, the Christian church that my family attends has a senior pastor who is also an out-of-the-closet lesbian. I've certainly encountered Christians who are intolerant, but they're simply ignoring the Golden Rule and the Great Commandment. I would consider their actions and attitudes to be inconsistent with the teachings of Christ. To me, this makes them more antichrists than Christians.

Wicca, Unitarian Universalism, and Buddhism seem to be where I've encountered more acceptance. There are those traditions in Wicca, however, that have strongly defined gender roles. This seems to be true of some Asatru kindreds as well.

For the record, my personal religion is an amalgamation of Wicca, Asatru, Christianity, and Soto Zen Buddhism. I refer to myself as a self-annointed heretic.


I had marked your post for reading because I was interested. Now it's gone. Sorry I didn't get to it soon enough. But, I also had about 4 pages of other thinsg I wanted to read as well.


 oh my word- blush... I'm so sorry- i can totally put it back. *blush* i thought my writing really sucked. (-^.^-) second time no one replied to a thread i made. (this and intro).
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--- Quote ---"this androgynous thing doesn't work in Wiccan circles."

--- End quote ---

Many of the public Wiccan rituals I've attended revolved around both a Goddess and a God. At one Beltain ritual, the "men" went off on the Wild Hunt to retrieve the Maypole while the "women" prepared the circle. I use quotation marks here as there were bio-females in the Wild Hunt and a few bio-males stayed behind to prepare the circle.

Gender binaries seem to be very important, especially in the fertility aspect of Wicca. So, that which blurs the binary boundaries of gender roles might not be fully accepted. My experience thus far would say that this would be especially true in Gardnerian Wicca. Event NROOGD, the New Revised Order Of the Golden Dawn, seem to have stronly gender binary aspects to their public rituals.

I'm not an expert, but this seems to be due to the idea that Wicca is a "fertility religion," and ova & spermatazoa are necessary for animal fertility.  Androgynes are gender ambiguous, having the appearance of both or neither genders. Perhaps this makes some Wiccans uncomfortable.


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