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--- Quote from: Shades O'Grey on May 14, 2008, 11:44:17 am --- I've certainly encountered Christians who are intolerant, but they're simply ignoring the Golden Rule and the Great Commandment. I would consider their actions and attitudes to be inconsistent with the teachings of Christ.
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that's how i felt mostly as well- but down here, open mined people are a bit hard to find. i thought i found it when I started to learn the bits and pieces of Wicca, but now i feel i kinda lost it again.

--- Quote --- For the record, my personal religion is an amalgamation of Wicca, Asatru, Christianity, and Soto Zen Buddhism. I refer to myself as a self-annointed heretic.

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loves it. Hehe.
I'm sorry Nichole Sweety.

--- Quote ---Many of the public Wiccan rituals I've attended revolved around both a Goddess and a God... ...
 Gender binaries seem to be very important, especially in the fertility aspect of Wicca. So, that which blurs the binary boundaries of gender roles might not be fully accepted... ... I'm not an expert, but this seems to be due to the idea that Wicca is a "fertility religion," and ova & spermatazoa are necessary for animal fertility.  Androgynes are gender ambiguous... ... Perhaps this makes some Wiccans uncomfortable.
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While working with the group, I've also found that they accentuate the Goddess and God, make and female aspects alot. But the first thing they tell people in the 101 courses is that 'we all have male and female aspects within ourselves' - which is still a bit binary oriented, i know, but it does sway.
i always liked to see it as a more nature based, rather than a fertility religion. it could be explained as a fertility religion as well- but for me, they incorporate more of nature into their rituals.
Maybe being they get a bit uncomfortable, but it still baffles me why they your still aspire to such a state of being, and then tell me it doesn't work.
it confuzled me a little.

For a while, I was studying with a coven that was part of the Church of Universal Ecclectic Wicca. After a few months, they pretty much invited me to leave. Either I was too Ecclectic, or not Wiccan enough.

So these days, I claim to be a member of the Bastardized Ecclectic Solitary Tradition. This, of course, makes me one of the BEST Pagans!


O, it's back. Good.


My partner and I attend three circles in the Philly area on a reasonable regular basis for 'open' rituals. At one of the circles there is a trans-woman who also attends. We haven't spoken, but I have observed and what I have seen is someone, her, accepted as one of the group of women.

Admittedly all three circles are met at Unitarian-Universalist churches and many of the circle participants are also members of the congregations there.

So, Shades may have it right about it being a personal preference of the man who spoke to you, or it being in some way connected to the 'binary' aspects of Wicca. There are trans-friendly groups. And the U-Us also have an organization called CUPS(?) that is Wiccan. You might see if there are UU congregations in your area that have such an org affiliated with them.


tried to google it tho, but no luck. Lol.
maybe I'll go to the Uni Church once. (-^.^-)
question still stands: do you consider yourself to be more acceptant than the average person?

Try CUUPS: the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans.


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