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bad day

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Thanks for clarifying, Steph.
I shouldn't have took offense, I'm a little sensitive as my "TS status" had been challenged in the worst way on another forum.

--- Quote ---but I know one thing Nero there is no way you could possibly finish last at anything.
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Thanks. :)


i didn't take your initial reply as being offensive in anyway.  You stated your position plain and simple  the way it should be done.  Don't fret, i didn't :)


Underground Panther:
I am one of the transguysqueers that don't want  a phalloplasty.
Why? Because it's too risky,I could never afford it, I don't wanna risk being stuck peeing in a bag for the rest of my days if it goes wrong..and a pump is just pointless. A detachable penis is ok .It's better than the alternatives as they are now.
As for being 100 % male I'm not.But that does not mean the parts that are wrong are somehow less wrong to ME. Or the pain I feel about it is less painful or the drive to change it less intense.One thing that I feel besides the gender issue  is I am a feline. A psychedelic panther. Now there is NO WAY I can become a panther.But yet I am one.I wear ears and tail,I am tattooing myself with stripes,I want fang implants since my mom got my fangs ground down when I got some teeth pulled  for my braces, My fangs were ground to flat human teeth while I was konked out.I still got the fang pockets ,little indentations in my gums where my natural fangs rested together so they would not poke my lip. Lions and tigers all have fang pockets.When my adult teeth came in they were bucked,but I had BIG long eyeteeth that got me teased in school. My dentist said he never saw such dramatic eyeteeth as mine..I loved my cat teeth,but my mother did not  like it and since kids are parental property in this culture mom decided my felineness was not acceptable to her and she has tried to erase it just like my true gender.

People because of thier uncomfortableness over  certain cultural things  they believe at truth ,tell me I am deluded over the cat-thing,that I am silly or extreme..but what do they know about being me from my point of veiw? NOTHING.

Why does it bother  other people so much  I am a  mowhawked penis-less feline guy? What's the big deal,they don't live inside me so how dare they have such gall to say I am wrong to be me as I am inside on the outside? Likewise isn't that we all want, to BE  ourselves and not be told  it's wrong,and treated like we are somehow less worthy of being cared for,heard or helped  if we seek to be what we are and live what we feel comfortable being ..It it  not wrong,forbidden or crazy for certain people  to transform if it's done in a certain"normal range" society can grok , but  it's not ok ,serious,or really as bad for others who are not doing thier transforming  it as our limited,bigoted,culture prescribes as legitamate way to change? Why is it ONE path(total transition) is the only genuine transformation that is the yardstic we all are measured by and must submit to to be who we are. Isn't that tyranny?

We cannot live inside each other's bodies minds and identities ,and experince the life of someone else as they live in it,so to control,dismiss  or devalue anothers experince of  the countiurs of thier  own being is really really sick IMHO.And  our culture  when it devalues empathy in favor of systems of control  or rewards and measuring sticks to pprivlege some and deny others,based in some arbritrary belief,it is full of this sickness,and the sickness is called "normal" and conforming to "normal" or a 'standard' someonme else imposes to discriminate..And frankly it is an evil so banal that in this culture it is nearly invisible.

"When will justice come? When those who are not injured are as indignant  about injustice as those who are."

this is my true identity.


--- Quote from: Underground Panther on June 25, 2006, 03:34:48 am ---...
I want fang implants since my mom got my fangs ground down when I got some teeth pulled  for my braces
--- End quote ---
Damn man, how much more insulting can you get?!


*whistles innocently* How does one find more about "fang implants" by the by?

--- Quote from: Underground Panther on June 25, 2006, 03:34:48 am ---...
this is my true identity.

--- End quote ---
Why feathered wings I wonder...

Underground Panther:
fang implamts

People have been connected deeply with animal spirits,it goes back a long time..Here is a story sure to fascinarte 'yall.An ancient furry transformation..

Also look for a cosmmetic denist they can do fangs with caps venneers or implants.Just speak to them tell them what tyou want and work out a deal.

why feathers?
Because I am a flying rainbow colored lightining panther,I have horns and wings.


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