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Annual Circle in Hot Springs, NC


Kate Thomas:

--- Quote ---14th Annual Circle in Hot Springs, NC
August 17 - 20
While attendance has previously been limited to 14, this year we will be able to accomodate 21 on a first-come-first-served basis. This circle is the best opportunity for new people to be welcomed into the greater Kindred Spirits community, and is hosted at the very place where Kindred Spirits began. Special teaching sessions will be offered by some of our veteran attendees. If you are a newcomer, we ask that you tell us about yourself, and your intention regarding your participation in this gathering. This can be a life-changing experience in connecting with your spiritual family, as well as hitting your stride along your own spiritual path.

If you have yet to attend this circle, you should know that the setting is something special. Hot Springs is a little mountain town on the Appalachian Trail, an hour northwest of Asheville, NC. The Sunnybank Inn is 160 years old and oozes with funky Victorian charm -- it even has a ghost. The vegetarian food is fabulous, and we also get to soak in the naturally hot mineral springs pumped into jacuzi tubs a couple of blocks away, which are the town's namesake. We hike the mountaintops, skinny-dip in the creeks, and share in daily sacred circles. You are encouraged to bring your unique visions and expertise to share within this powerful gathering of your kindred spirits.

--- End quote ---

Posted at: June 21, 2006, 10:30:23 PMI got this august event put into June :P is ther a way for a  frendly moderator or move it to August? ;) Thanks ::)

    Is there anymore information about this?  Sounds like it could be fun but I am still fuzzy on the whole not sure if driving all the way across the state is going to be a doable thing without using vacation time...which I don't have much of anymore.

Kate Thomas:
Welcome to Susan's
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