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    I will try posting this here in hopes of some insight. Some of you know me and Pam, and the hellish situation we go through with her ex- husband. From the beginging of our relationship,and the time she told him she wanted a divorce and filed this goes back to Novermber 05 now, it has been pure hell dealing with him. He has underhandedly turned their children against us, and all friends Pam had are against her, and he is a liar about what money he makes so he gets 645.00 a month from Pam in child support. That is the first issue. The man makes 47,000 a year, but is self employeed so is 1099ed. He, right there in the courtroom with all his "DEDUCTIONS" on his finacial sheet claims to make 400.00 a month. Since Pam has the job with regular tax deductions and such, based on what she makes, gross mind you, not take home, she has to pay that lying jerk child support. They live with him, she had to leave the house last December because it was impossible to be in the same room with him. Now, the kids don't want to see her anymore, because their father and those around them have made them believe their mother is horrible, and has left them for me in some lesbian relatopnship, which for those who know me, that is not the case. There has to be a way to prove his earnings, to change the amount.

 The other issue is dicrimination against me IN THE COURTROOM. Her ex-husbands lawyer's opening statment for their child custody hearing was "I don't know what to call it, a man or a woman"

I ask you, what does me being transsexual have to do with the custody arrangments of their 2 children? And, in the court papers I am not to be around when Pam sees her kids, which is not ever now, but that is what was ordered. Before Pam and I were involved, her kids liked me very much. Her daughter is my oldest daughters best friend. But see, that was when I was just "Mariah's mom" I want to know if there is any kind of suit I can file against her ex and or his lawyer? This divorce is far from over because he is making it that way. He keeps getting what he wants. And he is slandering Pam  all the way to the bank. I want to kick his <not allowed>, but would rather see him sweat for being the liar he is. I don't think Pam's lawyer is doing his job. Nice guy, but he heard what was said, guess the judge did not. I don't know. Her ex has a full blown statment that is a court document all about me and Pam. Why? This is their divorce. Not mine.

Anyone with any info as to what I might be able to do please let me know. Thanks.


I wonder if Pam can give an anonymous tip to IRS.  It sounds like he is cheating on taxes and if he is and they audit him, he's going to be getting what he deserves. If he is audited, since it would be official that he's cheating, it may be enough to sway the child support decision.  It would also be a big blow to the ex's credibility.


Yea Melissa you are right about the IRS. The problem with that is the guy that 1099's him is a friend of him and will dummy up anything for him if he needed it to prove otherwise. And, the tax guy they use they have had for a few years, so does that not make Pam as liable too? Since they were filied jointly? I asked here if there were old tax stuff from before Danny found this crooked tax guy as too show how much he really makes. If there are files that go that far back somewhere in the garage, it is a matter of going there to the house when he is not there and going through the boxes in the rafters. And that is if he has not gotten rid of that stuff by now. Thanks Melissa.


Just another possible angle of attack.  Did Pam cheat on her taxes too?  If she did, I assume that her last taxes were legit.  Is the ex getting paid cash under the table, or are there paychecks that have been deposited in the bank.  Banks usually keep copies of deposited and written checks.  IRS can check on all these things themselves.  If they think they are getting cheated out of a lot of money, do you think they're going to passively sit by and let it continue?  Probably not.

Also, if Pam did cheat on taxes and she is liable, she may have to pay back taxes, but the gain is that she would probably end up paying less support and possibly gain custody of her kids.  She may also be able to contest that she had no say in how the taxes were done.  It sounds like you have some options here that you can play with.  This may be some good stuff to discuss with the lawyer before taking any action though.  I think you see these options, but are not sure what to do with them.

I personally would like to see this guy go down.  Especially with his attitude toward transsexuals.


I think if they were married Pam would be responsible for past tax 'errors'  :-\ . It might be worth the penalty though like Melissa said. (Marco check your hotmail).  ~Amy


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