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"I don't know what to call it, a man or a woman."
This statement is appalling and completely out of line. I can't believe the judge just sat there, condoning the reference to a human being as "it".
And Pam's lawyer didn't even object? You need a new lawyer.


Hey Melissa,
              Pam and here ex had a joint account that only he deposited into. She got those copies of deposit records months ago. Originally her lawyer told her they would not be needed. Then after  the courtroom attack on me, I handed the the copies of the deposits to her lawyer myself and asked him can these not be of any value to us? He took them, but I do not know if he will do anything with them like try to prove that they wewe indeed Danny's deposits and not Pams. And there would should be proof of his written checks for paying the house payment and whatever else he paid while they were together. Does anyone wonder how he makes a 1,600.00 house payment and buy groceries and plays paintball all on 400.00 a month?

 Spike, I will go check my mail.

 Nero, Yes, it was a bad scene. It took every fiber in my body to stay seated and not fly over the rail and choke both of them. I want to file a suit. I have to see if I have grounds.



--- Quote from: Marco on June 22, 2006, 02:23:44 pm ---Does anyone wonder how he makes a 1,600.00 house payment and buy groceries and plays paintball all on 400.00 a month?

--- End quote ---


Marco, check into your local bar association and find out how to make a complaint. If it's anything like here, complaints are a major pain in the butt to deal with for a lawyer. And the more negative marks against your record, the more likely future sanctions. I doubt that there's grounds for anything else, like a lawsuit. May be different in your jurisdiction.

As far as the financials, that is the major pain in my butt too, self-employed people. It might be worth hiring a forensic accountant to look into his finances. If it were this jurisdiction though, the custodial parent's income has no bearing on child support, it's only the payor's income. You might want to check whether that's true in your jurisdiction too before you go into that expense.

Another way to deal with self-employed is to subpoena any loan or mortgage applications they've made. See what they told the bank their income was. Odds are, it wasn't $400 per month.

And I wouldn't necessarily say you need a new lawyer. Flat-out aggression is not always the most useful courtroom strategy. You need a lawyer with a full repertoire of abilities. People often make the mistake of thinking they need a "pit-bull" lawyer, which can cost them badly in the long run because those sorts of lawyers are like one-note singers. That note may be very good, but you can't sing a song with it. And you can't win a court case with only one strategy. If you trust the guy, and he seems to be paying attention to your file, he's probably good.


Thanks Dennis. That is a good idea about subpoena the loan aps. But like you said, we just found out form her lawyer that the custodial parent's income does not matter. I did not know that. So he can make 1,000,000 a year and she would still pay child support. The only thing that her lawyer will be able to pursue is Danny's claim in the courtroom that he pays 450.00 a month in medical expenses. A blatant lie. Him and and their kids have been on her insurance for 15 years. Once that is proved, maybe her child support order will go down slightly. Whatever.



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