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well... im new here.  when i wasyounger, i looked like a boy, and passed effortlessly.  my parents were constantly pointing out to waiters and waitresses that i was their DAUGHTER.  i didnt voice it then, but i didnt mind bein a "boy" and i actually enjoyed it.  when not around my parents, i called myself Jet.  it was my commonly accepted name among neighborhood friends that didnt know that i was a girl.  as i started middle school, puberty hit.  and with it came the curves.  people would call me all sorts of things that hurt my feelings, and i didnt fully understand the meaning of.  thats when i started dressing as a girl and becoming socially accepted.  i am now going to be a senior in highschool and would like to change that.

i told my mom that i should have been born a triangle and she understood.  i just started seeing a psichiatrist.  im hoping to apear mostly male by the end of the summer.  my only fear is returning o school in the fall.  i am afraid that i will be made fun of again like i was when i was younger.