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Distinct beginnings; common endings
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A woman trapped in a man's body, Cassandra Do was also caught up in the sex trade.

The 32-year-old became a sex worker after she was fired from her job as a nurse's aide at a seniors' home in Kitchener. At the time, the then-18-year-old man whose given name was Bi was transforming himself into Cassandra right before their eyes, says a friend.

Do spent most of her money on cosmetic surgery and French antique furniture. Over the last years of her life, the raven-haired beauty, who stood 5-foot-2, spent thousands of dollars on breast implants and a delicately reshaped nose.

It was a difficult transition for Do and many like her. She mentored other transgender people, even making a documentary a year before her death called Skin Deep.
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Re: Distinct beginnings; common endings
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I remember the reports on her death and the Memorial walks that were held afterwards to shed light on the plight of her and the other women who go unnoticed even when brutally murdered.