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possible to watch topic without posting in it?


is there a way to "watch" topics with out posting in them.

there is a car web site that i frequent and they have a "track this topic" button. 

see here in upper right

that way one can watch an interesting topic with out posting in it. there a lot of topics that i find interesting that i dont have a good comment to post in it and i lose the topic. 

thanks, beth

first, what I've done is- go to your profile and under 'modify profile' look for 'notifications and email. and choose how you want to be notified.
now, look just above your post there's a "pages: [1]". now opposite that on the right side there should be a notify button.
that's about what i know of it... i haven't figured out how to get notified for each post tho. Lol.
hope it helps a bit.


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