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BUlking Up with supersets
« on: June 09, 2008, 08:58:19 pm »
Greetings- I am back  (have been traveling around Asia for the last 10 months and had a blast). And since I have returned I have been hitting the gym pretty hard. I have a question or two I am hoping someone can help me with.
Before I left I was trainning more for weight loss and toning (high amount of sets and reps, 4 X1 5). Now I need to move onto mass/bulk as I have nothing left to lose. I usually superset my workout. If I am doing a larger amount of weight and less sets/reps 3 X 8/10 can I still superset? (bis/tris) for example. Or do I need to stay with one exercise and follow it thru to the end. Then switch exercises?
Another question I have a lovely gadget called a bodybugg which measures my calories burned and I input my calorie intake. It has been great becasue I realized I was under eating. Now I know I need to eat more but am running out of ideas, I can only drink one protien smoothy a day or I get sick of them. Does anyone have any ideas for low fat snacks that have about 500 calories?
Glad to be back and see all the new "faces"
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