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OMG my body hair HELP!

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Hi, I'm Kristie.  I'm 46 years old and just starting on my journey.  I have elected to NOT take HRT because of my age, and because quite frankly, except for this BLASTED BODY HAIR, I don't really need it.  I know that electroylysis and/or lazer is necessary for facial hair...that's no problem...but what about body hair, mine is black, not really thick, but it's there on my chest stomach and arms.  Naturally my three brothers are smoothed skinned (I hate them for that).  I don't have an adam's apple...I have very "feminine" skin...been mistaken for female while trying NOT to look female even...go figure.  I can shave my legs and underarms of course.  I suppose I could use a hair removal solution or even have it waxed (OUCH).  I'm wondering if upon the removal of my testicles if that will have an effect on growth of body hair (I hope I hope).  Any suggestions are very welcomed ... or criticisms ... whatever.  Several of the ladies here have said that HRT is not necessarily a requirement for SRS.  WHen I speak I'm always referred to as Ma'am ... my voice is naturally high and feminine.  It's just this BODY HAIR ... AAAAAAAAAH!  I suppose over time I could have it removed permanently ... if I suddenly inherit a million bucks lol.  So, anyway girls ... I need some input, which I value more than life itself at times ... thanks.
Kristie (Hair in Tennessee)


I believe it's the testosterone that promotes heavy body hair growth so if you have a BO (bialteral orchiectomy) I suppose its lack will make the hair grow finer.  The estrogen that your body is obviously producing on its own will then be able to act unopposed and should push your body hair more towards the female pattern.  Of course this change may be very slow or incomplete so you may have to pursue some removal methods anyway.  This is an educated guess on my part though, so don't take this as gospel.

I am not doing HRT either (yet) so I shave my chest and abdomen as well as my legs and my pits.  I remove the hair from my arms either by waxing or by using an electric epilator (ya, it hurts and it's the only thing that keeps 'em smooth for more than half a day).

Good luck, hon'

Helen, thanks so much, your comments are helpful and I'm sure you're fairly well informed about such things as we all gain knowledge as we go along the process (hopefully we gain knowledge!).  Anyway, some girls recommended not having an orchonectomy before surgery because it causes shrinkage of the scrotum from which the labia are formed.  I guess each of us has their own "lesson plan" on how to approach and deal with things.  And I think that's a good idea, because we're each different.  Again, thanks and good luck to you, may you realize your dreams and find an inner peace, if you haven't already, that comes with living as who we really are.  Kristie

Cast. well definitly reduce the hair or at the very least make it lighter and sparser.........according to my surgeon.....

Also "birth control pills" slows down my "unusual hair growths" But thats just me! ;) :)

keep in mind there are hairy women!!! :)

Yo right here baby! ;) LOL


THanks Chynna, hmmm, i hadn't heard about taking birth control pills, sounds interesting, can you give me a bit more infor about that?  I've considered just taking the hair and yanking it out by the handfuls LOL.  I have seen women with hairy forearms, but none with hairy chests that I can think of.   ;D  Anyway, as always, thanks for your input.  Kristie


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