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my voice.

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Today my mum started moaning at me becuase my voice sounds a little fem.

I wasnt aware i sounded there anything i can do to stop sounding fem?

i no of no way of changing the resonnance of your voice apart from practice.
you might want to look at they describe how to make it sound more femmine and by understanding that you should be able to reverse it
thats all i can suggest

Well… being a potty mouth isn’t exactly feminine… ;)

Hi Tammy,

When you say that your mum has noticed that your voice is sounding  feminine, do you mean does it sound like you're hitting the high notes?  If you try to control your voice by making it sound a little bassier, then perahps she won't notice it as much. The same thing happened iwth me a few months ago, and my mum has more or less grown accustom to the sound of my voice.


there are several sites that can help. one is the site ellen referred to. there's also


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