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South Bend defeats discrimination measure

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--- Quote from: Steph on July 11, 2006, 06:11:05 pm ---Although I don't completely understand the US system of government I can't understand why these protections are not guaranteed under your constitution.  We are talking about basic human rights here and basic human rights should never be voted on.


--- End quote ---


Both the ACLU and my attorney take the stand that the 1967 Civil Rights legislation actually does protect the LGBT community.  The problem is that the Supreme Court of the United States interprets the Constitution and they take a very literal view nowadays.  This is the reaction after the 1960's when desegregation happened by court order, not Congressional or legislation.  This struck a nerve with Congress.  Question to nominees ever since have included the topic of "legislating from the bench."

For the LGBT community to receive protection under the Constituion, the legislation and/or amendment must specifically address the LGBT community. 


And before anyone blames George W, the fault should be laid at the feet of Bill Clinton, George H Bush and Ronald Reagan.  It is their nominees who are on the bench today, not W's.

No, I am not excusing George W, but he should only be blamed for the things he HAS done - or failed to act upon.


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