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Transgender child to enter Florida school



'Gender dysphoria can take place during a fetus' development in the womb,'' gender specialist and sexologist Marilyn Volker, Ph D, of Miami, told the Herald.

The child has been examined for two years, and it has been determined that the child is not going through a phase.

Posted at: July 11, 2006, 01:30:30 PMFlorida county's policy on <not allowed> children to be tested

"People have an understanding of what it means to be gay or lesbian - but when they hear that a person is genetically one gender but lives as another gender, that threatens a number of people because they don't understand what that means," Benowitz said. "And that misunderstanding can make lives very difficult for <not allowed> children and their parents."

"In addition to behaving like the opposite sex, a person with gender dysphoria naturally relates to the opposite sex," Volker said. "They also have a persistent and recurring discomfort with their own external body parts and genitalia because it does not match their internal gender identity. Simply said, they were born into the wrong body."


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