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Thinking of a hair cut

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My hair is getting to a really good medium length but I hate to admit it, I like short hair. I don't know if this is because I look better with short hair or it is just so much more convenient.

I feel bad cutting it because I know that in a few months time I'll be wishing it were long again, and I feel like it is part of my gender expression (but then reality is I just look like a guy with long hair anyway, abiet with pigtails and hair clips).. But I just have this urge to cut it short - something short and spiky. Maybe it is related to this whole spell of not feeling too dysphoric at the moment.

Anyone relate? (reminds me of Nero and his eyeliner)

I do.  I have medium to long hair, and I've been getting the itch to go short and spiky too.  But I'm afraid =/

There's one important thing to remember.  Hair grows back!  Both of you should go for it if you've got the itch to do it. 

I'm not sure how much i would relate it to gender but if you feel it's part of your own self image to do it then that's all the more reason to go for it.  ^^

I for one shall be dying my hair a nice green once i figure out the logistics of such.  XD

I'm going to give it a couple weeks. If I still feel like this I'm going to get it chopped. Or enter into one of those hair dresser comps as a model - they don't get too many long haired guys to play with.

another issue for me it is the middle of winter in my hemisphere. - I could always wear a hat I guess - oh I could get something pink and woolly with a pompom! :D

Moon the face of fear.  I say seize the day Alison!

I just don't know if I have the face shape and body figure to pull of a shot spiky look.  =/


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