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Staying Vigilant

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If you get a PM you feel is inappropriate, I encourage you to use the [report to admins] button on the PM page.


I just wanted to say Tank you to all the admins and mods here for making Susans such a great place. Keep up the good work
* runs around hugging all the staff *
Katie =^_^=

Thank you, Krystal. Even though Susan is paying us all exorbitantly and obscenely rich salaries to do the job the best perks are the ones that arrive like your post, unexpectedly and positive for the work we do.

Thank you!


Thank u very much! I 'm new here,and I 'm so glad to meet all of you ,my foreign freinds!


--- Quote from: Buffy on July 07, 2008, 01:48:56 am ---Due to the nature of our community, we shall from time to time attract attention from people other than those that genuinely need help or are giving help.

Sometimes people open an account who's intentions are not always within the best interests of any of the members here and can best be described as trolls or predators.

--- End quote ---

Some people just don't have a life.



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