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topical Dihydrotestosterone treatment (DHT)
« on: July 12, 2008, 10:50:33 am »
Yesterday was my first dose of DHT. Rather then have it brought in from Europe and confiscated by customs in Canada, I had it compounded at Brant Arts Pharmacy in Burlington, Ontario (great compounder) and had them compound it to the max concentration of 5% instead of 2.5%. They used an alcohol and versa mix and put it in this really cool container that you draw the drug into a syringe instead of guessing at the amount or measuring with a spoon. This way I can adjust my dose based on how much I need. It was really expensive about 500$ for 100 grams. I am not sure how long it will last yet.

For those who don't know DHT is a metabolite of testosterone but can't aromatize to estrogen and is the hormone responsible for androgenic side effects of testosterone.  I am using it on my penis in addition to T on advice of my surgeon. It supposedly will cause any penile growth left to occur. It is roughly 3 times stronger then T and a poor anabolic steroid with little potential for abuse.

So last night I put it on and about cried. It turns out that the alcohol in the gel is painful on the genitals. After about 5 minutes the burning went away and I could stop dancing. I have been staring at the bottle with hate as I prepare to do my next dose. I hope I get used to this but it is only for a few months at worse. I would ask next time to have it compounded without alcohol but can't waste what I have. I also might put a small amount of EMLA on but I have to wait and ask the pharmacist if that is allowed.

I will post any changes as they occur. Anyone who has any questions feel free to ask. Dr Perovic insists on this treatment before any met type procedure so give some thought if you are considering him. I am also having DHT monitoring while on this to get the highest dose without dangerous side effects. This is NOT covered by OHIP but I am trying to find a way under therapeutic drug monitoring.