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What about tops?

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What about tops?

I tend to be rather modest so I generally don’t show much skin… let it be a surprise and all that ;)
But that is not to say I’m boring, no no!

I am quite fond of many oriental styles, in particular various Mandarin blouses. I like the snug waists and short colors of such, and silk is divine.

There are some designs of halter tops and corsets I like, in particular tank corsets and halter tops that that cover the midriff.

Or in general:
I’m fond of snug middriffs, I’m thin after all (=

I have never liked strapless designs.

I prefer sleeved, even if short, to sleeveless on most designs.

I too have a preference to cover up a bit more skin. I just like the look a lot more. However, I've tried tops with a wide neck and 1/3 length sleeves that were fun to wear. I'm finding that as I go on, I'm more open to other styles than just the few I've always liked.

Short sleeve t-shirts and sleevless tops.  :)

I have to work hard to cover my hugemongous shoulders so normally i wear like a zip up hoodie and a spaghetti strap shirt. The lower neck lines seem to minimize the look of them. I love off the shoulder tops but i have to avoid them. Is there any one here that knows any other good ways to minimize the look of shoulders?

The only way I know of to make your shoulders look smaller is to carry them further back and lower with your chin up.  This changes the focus to anyone in front of you from your shoulders to your face, neck, and chest.

Believe it or not, it will feel really ackward at first, but it looks very lady-like and you will get used to it.  Posture is important!



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