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Clothes size chart


I was surifing the web today when i found a uk/usa womans size chart which is very helpfull it will help you work out what size womans clothes to get.

its goof for dress + bust size and also waist and hips.

If anyone would like a copy of it click link bellow its in jpeg format.

Iv only got the image hosting for a month so please feel free to save the image if needed.

      UK        [/b]      USA       [/b]      EURO      [/b]     FRANCE     [/b]     GERMANY    [/b]1X18/2016/1844/4646/4844/462X20/2218/2048/5050/5248/503X22/2420/2250/5252/5450/524X24/2622/2452/5454/5652/545X26/2824/2654/5656/5854/566X28/3026/2856/5858/6056/58One Size Q20/2418/2046/4848/5046/48BustWaistHipsEquivalent Dress Size1X42-4534-3744-47182X45-4837-4047-50203X48-5140-4350-53224X51-5443-4653-56245X54-5746-4956-59266X57-6049-5259-6228UKUSAEUROFRANCEGERMANYSmall8-106-834-3636-3834-36Medium12-1410-1238-4040-4238-40Large14-1612-1442-4444-4642-44Extra16-1816-1846-4848-5046-48One Size8-146-1236-4038-4236-40
Not as pretty but hopefully as functional.

Thanks. :eusa_whistle: :eusa_whistle: :eusa_whistle: :eusa_whistle: :eusa_whistle: :eusa_whistle: :icon_dance: :icon_dance: :icon_dance:

Thanks hun for putting it in text format.

I only got  the picture host for a month if it becomes usefull to me for hosting images for ebay then i will keep it longer so the picture should stay if all goes well



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