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hassled online due to my desires

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Laura Elizabeth Jones:
I have been getting a lot of <not allowed> from some former online "friends". They all acted like they were cool with me, but once I decided to let my feelings be known about wanting to become a woman, they have decided to hassle me. It is very ironic though due to the fact that they say at certain times that they "don't care and want to 'move on'. But, curiously enough, they continue bashing me on message boards and through E-mails. One of them actually suggesting "that I was lucky that they hadn't hired an assassin to gun me down". Pfft! am I supposed to be frightened by this? because I am not. Honestly, I think that it is sort of funny. They just keep on with this idiotic rubbish because their minds are still stuck in kindergarten. Some people are just sad and pathetic.

Well, at least they have shown their true colors.  Just stay with the people whose actions show that they are accepting and respectful.


You may want to consider contacting your ISP and lodging a formal complaint again these morons, or at least bock them, failing that I woupd not give them the satisfaction of responding to them in anyway.


I would definitely quit coresponding with them online.  They have obviously shown their true colors and by them bashing you on message boards and making threats like this, joke or no joke, I would be very concerned if I were you.  If they continue to harrass you I would report them to the ISP and block them as suggested.  If you feel they are serious and you feel your life is in danger I would strongly suggest contacting the police and report them.  Any threat rather its a joke or not is really no laughing matter and it should be taken very seriously.  Just my $.02 worth!   ;)


Hello Laura Elizabeth:

Yeah...unfortunately you find weirdo's and psycho's everywhere and that includes the internet, I am afraid.

Anyhow....just let us know if this creep bothers you again....I live in Califonia and I've become upset in the last few hours so I'm ready for:   :icon_bat: :icon_2gun: :icon_archery: :icon_boxing: :icon_chainsaw: :icon_poke: :icon_twisted:

I know....I'm just mad at the things I read here of these will come handy :icon_chillpill:

take care,

tinkerbell :icon_chick:


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