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Is it possible for a pre-op M2F Transsexual to like their penis?

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I'm so confused about my sexual orientation at the moment too... I like other girls but I don't like their breasts and I prefer the idea of opposite-sex relationships.......but... I find men hard to deal with either as friends or in relationships...

Do you think it's possible for a genuine M2F transsexual to like their penis?


I think you should like what you like and do what you feel best. I understand that some people feel they are arbiters of the "truth about transsexuality." But, the truth is people just need to learn to find their own way into and through whatever their struggles are. No one can validate how and what you feel but yourself.

We can all give you opinions. But none of them would necessarily speak to you.


Personally i cant stand to even touch mine but its a very personal and deep state of mind when it comes to deciphering sexuality.

thats why therapists are so darn handy and understand sometimes better than you do yourself. Well the good ones old doctor told me im obviously homosexual and just like womens clothing but hey.

Anyhooow sexuality hasnt really anything significant to do with GID from what i understand and you can certainly like opposite, same or even both or just body parts if you wish. Like i said a complex subject im sure alot of people in here with testament to.

"Fear and loathing" of one's penis used to be a litmus test for SRS.  Not the case anymore from what I hear.  But if you don't hate it, then I think you might want to take a lot more time making your decision.  Perhaps non-op could be the better course, especially if all of your discomfort is assuaged by RLT.  Although MTF SRS is touted as being much better than that available for FTM, it is still far from perfect.  There is a lot to be said for keeping original equipment in this case.  At the very least, I propose that you find some post ops that did not hate theirs and ask how they feel about SRS, and compare their motivations for SRS to your own.  It won't necessarily be a predictor of your own experience, but it should be food for thought.


--- Quote from: Nichole on July 21, 2008, 06:47:35 am ---No one can validate how and what you feel but yourself.

--- End quote ---

So true.


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