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I can certainly understand your frustration and wanting to do something constructive to undue this injustice.  I agree picketing the Dioscean offices would not be constructive.  Hopefully in time the church will come around and be more accepting.  Just have to hang in there and perservere.  Good luck on your journey.   :angel:


I am surrounded by Southern Baptist churches and their members.  Basically a do as I say and not as I do grouping of the "faithful."

After dealing with BS from the church for so long I will no longer step foot in one unless it is for a wedding.  When asked about why I left the religion I merely reply with, "It left me a long time ago."

I think that a bumper sticker that I saw Thursday sums it up for me, "Born Right the First Time."

Will all of that said, there is a church in Raleigh that the Jesse Helms flock loved to hate.  They would picket almost every Sunday.   A friend of mine attends that church and has been trying to drag me along to meet some of the other Ts that attend.  So at least a few of them out there are giving the narrow minded little ***** hell.


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