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Legal age minimum?


This is a question that seems to vary only slightly from network to network, (most I've found adhere to the minimum age of 18 years old as predetermined by US law in regards to sexual content)

Does have a minimum age requirement in place? If so, why does this not show in the chat and forums rules?

I know that I cannot speak for others of my age group but I don't exactly feel comfortable chatting about such sensitive issues around children that barely know  what sexuality even IS.


We don't talk much about sexuality here. Mostly what we discuss is gender. There's no age limit, but we do discourage people under 18 not to reveal any details about themselves and will edit out anything that might show that.

There isn't much sexual content here. That too is edited out by our ever-vigilant moderators, so there isn't a need to restrict viewing in my opinion.



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