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The Challenge to a Wife

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Hi Everyone:

This article was recently brought to my attention.  It describes (in my opinion) a lot of what SO's experience not only while the spouses transition but their own transition as well.  The writer was extremely honest in her experiences and feelings.

This article is not only meant for SO's but for everyone.


Moderator's Edit: This original post from 2006 contains a link that is dead. However, the link led to an article that is now archived. Please use the following link instead of the one above.


Wow.....!  This is a great article.

Since coming out, I have seen my SO enter a couple of the steps described in the article.  Just dealing with the idea of my <not allowed> has been a blow to her self confidence and womanhood.  I am trying to go at a rowboat pace even though I will be trastioning alone. 


Thank you, Gill. for pointing to this site.  :)  I learned and realized (and confirmed) many things from just this one article.  I'll be printing it out for my wife to read, if she feels like it.  I think it will do both of us some good if she does.



Thank you very much for pointing out the article.  The article is timely and puts into words what has and is happening in out lives.

Thank you


Oh yes Gill,
I had read this a while back to and it was very much the things some of us feel and go through. I have visited with others in chat and they all share so many on the same range of feelings. Thanks for posting it here. It 's a very good article.

Thanks again.


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