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Non TG: The Vampire Earth Series by EE Knight


There are now three volumes of this series out by this very new author.  He takes a very neat approach to the vamprire creature in his series.  Basically the Earth has been invaded by a race that feeds on auras in order to extend their lives.  Since they can be rather fragile creatures they usually lock themselves behind a fortress and send out their avatars, called Reapers, to collect the auras.  Their avatars use a snake like tongue that can penetrate a person and then draw out their blood.  The Reaper survives on the blood while the aura of the victim is channeled to the host controlling that Reaper.  They also employ creatures called Grogs and humans who have decided to help out the invaders (Quislings).  There are pockets of resistance out there and the series centers, so far, on one David Valentine as he finds out more and more about the conflict and what might be done to bring an end to it.  He is one of a few humans who have been changed by members of the invading race who think that their conquests are misguided and the feeding of aura morally wrong.  The enhanced humans are usually assigned as a wolf, cat, or bear.  Wolves are small ground troops.  Cats get behind the lines, go undercover, and complete special missions.  Bears are front line shock troopers.

The author improves with each volume that comes out.  Way of the Wolf, Choice of the Cat, and Tales of the Thunderbolt are out now and a new volume will be released in December.

The avatars sound like vampire legends from the Philippines. They feed on unborn children through there tongue. They actually made a movie about it called "aswang" but its very graphic so if your not ok with grossness then i wouldn't rent it.

Thanks for the info, I will have to check that out.   :)


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