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Being Oggled!

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Beth mentioned this in another post, but I was wondering if any of the other ladies had/have noticed if they are being oggled and what they think of it.  I mean if it is done in a flatering way.

It used to make me me nervous and I kept wondering if something was wrong, but Gillian pointed out that the guys are just doing what guys do - looking at women

Yep so it feels kinda nice... so far

 i wouldnt want men or anyone in public doing it. i have quite awhile before that could happen anyway. i'm just oggleable to someone that loves me at the moment.   :icon_blah:


And that's the one who matters most :)

When I wear my Michigan sweatshirt or my medium black tshirts, I get stares everywhere. Men, women. It's more of a 'what is that, male, female, or both?' type look. I'm not just being paranoid, either, my best friend noticed and mentioned it to me as well.

Being oogeled is, well, normal for women to have to deal with, sadly. I tend to avoid places that are public unless I'm with a friend, so I don't know what to say for advice. ^_^

Everytime I've gone out fully dressed, which usaully consists of a short skirt, which usually touches my knees, and a nice blouse and always pantyhose in a nice color, I always seem to get oggled by guys. So I just smile sweetly at them and let it pass.



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