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Being Oggled!

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I can remember going through the "Oggle" stage myself last summer.  I began to notice that as guys at work and even some women were looking at my bust rather then into my eyes as they had previously done at work, where they knew perfectly well my circumstances.  In public away from work I have always just ignored it.

At first this rather unnerved me, as I could not understand or accept such behavior from the men, at work, many of whom had related quite well and proper to me in the past.  From the women I just accepted it as when I first began noticable development many asked me how it was possible for a male to grow breasts and why it wasn't available to women who wished enhancement without surgery.  They seemed to think it was some special and privialaged form of treatment that was denied to them and that it was some form of medical discrimination, so I got into a lot of discussions about the HRT phase of transition.

As to the men who consistantly looked at me below eye level, it mostly bothered me because I have always had a type of "homophobia" about that kind of thing and under the circumstances I really did not know how to respond or react to such things.  It turns out that a little experience with it taught me to just be upfront about the fact that it bothered me and I considered it to be improper and they have since ceased to be so obvious about it, but they still do it while passing me in hallways with a sort of sideways glance, and I can now just write that off as a sort of natural male curiosity about my anatomy, since because of employee interaction with me while waiting for bi-lateral orchiectomy surgery in the hospital network I work in, there are many who know of that and not certain exactly what all was done or done afterwards.  I can't blame people for natural curiosity.

Anyway, I have sense come to terms with it and while it can sometimes bother me some it doesn't occupy my thoughts or give me any great concern as long as they don't make issue of it or do it in such a way as to make it obvious and draw more attention to myself then is enevitably always present in my workplace.


Hi Terri

Men stare at my bust too. I know the feeling.


Hi leslie, nice to have talked to you on the phone the other night, though I'm not sure why you guys thought of calling me at that time of night while having some quiet time together.  Sorry I was in such a putz mood but Have been in the middle of a couple of things lately and very down in my frame of mind and physically and mentally exausted.

Its very different for me then you though I would imagine Leslie, haveing men stare at my bust that is.  From what I gather, you have little or no objection to such attention from men, but I do, so the effect is very different, or at least I would assume it to be.

men stare at my girlfriends bust.      :icon_anger:

but she stares at mine   ;D


Hi Terri

I feel the same way, it was nice to talk to you on the phone. We was thinking about you and decided to call. I"m sorry that you were down that night, I hope things are better for you.



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