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Being Oggled!

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No Leslie, not better, worse, but dealing with it ok?.   Really though, I hadn't talked to Maura for it seems forever, it was really a surprise when she called.  Sounded like she is perhaps getting some things straight with herself.   Anyway, was good to talk to you, I needed a little distraction, and a new person is always a good one.

And I like that midwest accent with a Georgia type flavor.  I guess Wyoming will do that to ya. 


Like Sarra, I get the "what is that, man, woman, what the..." comments on a fairly regular basis, due to two factors: I have a balance problem which affects how I walk and  I have fairly dark hair, which leaves a prominent shadow on my face.  I wish that I could afford electrolysis.  *Sigh*

Yet I can remember qutie a few times where I would get whistles, cat calls and requests to join groups of people, who were partying, to have a good time with them.  I would usually just keep going, maybe adding a little more swing to my hips, just to keep them happy while I was walking away.


Depending on the guy, it can be anything from creepy to rather pleasant.


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