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 "You are a woman, with other women.  Why would you say "I and others like me"

You very well know my views on that Leigh, though you have often told me to consider myself no different.  I wish I could, in some circles here, I can feel that way, but in most, I am among the "Female Identified", phrased that way of course so as not to aggrivate the argument as to "are we really women".  It's just that I have come up in that environment and I have to respect it.  In your terms, I am when I hear the quack, and not until.  and to me, that quack must be universal, not just hear and there.

May "Dykes across borders" succeed in it's message.  It would end so much pain for so many.

And thank you for the inclusion, though you have said it many times, some opinions I value more then others ....



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