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Okay to bring back an old topic?

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I didn't see anything about this in the rules but thought I should ask anyway. On most forums bringing older topics back is often against the rules or at least frowned upon.

There are some threads I remember reading before that were interesting and something I think could still allow some discussion. They're quite old now, though. Would it be okay to 'revive' such threads if you've got something to add?

Yes, it is fine to revive them or you can also start a new thread with the same subject!

tink :icon_chick:

That was quick. Thanks Tink. :)

Everything old is new again.  It happens all the time.

Of course it's ok.  In fact there is a certain "little sprite" around here that has been guilty of bringing back old threads occasionally.  Especially if they have something in them that will scare the <not allowed> out of you. >:D



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