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Heres the thing,  Im starting to put on weight, which I dont mind being super skinny and all but I want to try and keep my waist at around its origonal size with out looseing all the good fat im putting on.....

     Any sugestions?

Maura Hartman:
If you're on female hormones you'll get fatter all over. Eat well, but eat way less and do some crunches every day or the little fem-fat tummy will take you over. Some trans-girls seem to get very sedentary and develop pear-like figures, because genetically tummies is where a lot of fat goes. Daily crunches and a small plate of low-carb, low fat foods only twice a day has changed my shape dramatically over time.

I have discovered that Provera has increased my weight, but not to make me fat. I used to wear size 5 pants and shorts, but not anymore, since my hips are filled out I went up to a size 8 now.


I've started getting a bit of a tummy myself. Not out of control yet. I have always had trouble putting on and keeping desired weight. My hips just dont seem to be getting anywhere in the fat department and I could seriously use some there. Is there any way to get the waist to move to the hips?


Thanks for the sugestins and info.  I killed the fast food out of my diet and its made a signifigant diffrence on my expanding waist.  (Its not expanding) while still manageing to put on alittle weight in the right places. Also Im getting a gym membership this week and am going to try and knock the 4 or 5 inches I did gain back off.

Thanks everyone  :D


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