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« on: June 27, 2005, 10:58:37 am »
i was surfing the net to find a strapless/backless bra and i found this

Do you think this would work for t-girls?

Has anyone ever tried it if so is it safe.


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Never believe the herbal breast enhancment/enlargement tripe you read online, they are all scams. Getting good developement with proper hormones is tough enough for most. Below is the truth about the Erdic breast cream your looking at.

Erdic Phoenaz and Adagin charged

  • Criminal charges brought against breast and penis enlarger sellers - In July 2004, Angela De'Mere Lane of Clarksdale, Mississippi, was charged with 20 criminal counts in connection with the sale of dietary supplements alleged to enhance the breast ("Erdic" and "Phoenaz) and penis (Adagin"). Steven L. Lane conspired and executed a scheme to defraud consumers that involved false advertising, making unauthorized credit card charges, and failing to deliver products.