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Liann Passing Through
« on: September 09, 2008, 05:14:32 pm »
Hello Goddesses and Satyrs,

I'm passing through Susan's place on my way from here to there, and thought I would chat with a few friendly folks.

Liann is the name invented for a fictitious character in an interactive erotic role-playing forum, the Crooked Institute. That was MISTRESS Liann the bisexual dominatrix. I also played Sheena the submissive hooker at the same time, so neither expresses all that I am, either singly nor together. At the OTHER PLACE I simultaneously played Mistress Natasha X, Mistress Rielly Meanne Bytche, Daphne, Lana Temptress and Dick M Anforgeddem.

They (the fantasy characters, that is) get one thing right though: sexually experienced and relatively uninhibited. For some reason I am finding a lot of T-Girls whom are practically virginal and that's something which I can't understand at all. Maybe somebody out there can explain it to me. For me the best part of being all femmed up is that it attracts men (and women), which is something I enjoy.

I can't begin to understand why somebody would grow a nice set of knockers and then complain that people look at them? And while rubbing mine is nice, it's never so nice as when somebody else is doing it for me, on me. What's up with taking years of hormones to fatten up the girls and then locking them away? I don't get it?

I remember being at the lifetime peak of male sex drive going into a Greenwich Village bar and being hit on by a gorgeous woman, who asked me how many people I had sex with. I mentioned a figure which I though was about right: 200, I said. She then told me that she had sex with over 2,000, and introduced me to her husband at that point. There's the difference between being a guy or a girl, 200 versus 2,000+.

Let's face it, women, even fat old ugly women, get more sex opportunity than hot hunky guys in their prime. That has got to be one of the things people consider when they choose to cross gender street.

But even if you didn't give it any thought before, once you shaved the legs, Lola, and he became a she, it takes about 5 minutes later to learn that fact of life. On my worst nights, when anyone could see from across the street that I wasn't passing well, I still got approached with indecent proposals.

So exactly how is it that the tom-toms are beating out the message that  "yoohoo boys, Liann is on the prowl", when I step out my door, and you go decades between meeting some hot meat? Do you have some guy-repellent (or girl-repellent) ingredient in your perfume, or what is it?

Oh, I also did some study on human sexual attraction, and have pretty much unraveled the main factors if anybody wants to know. Why has 10% (more or less consistently) been LGBT throughout all cultures on all continents over all of time? Chances are that your favorite sexologist PhD will give you evasive answers on that, heming and hawing, ducking and dodging. I don't duck, but you may not have the technical background to understand it -- I sometimes have to assign reading materials which goes into hundreds of pages of homework before the discussion can advance to the next level.

I'll treat you as if you were smart and well learned until you show me otherwise, and I'll stick with you as long as you are sincere about learning, but I won't spoonfeed to people who can't be bothered to do a great deal of their own learning. I already know my stuff and get nothing out of repeating it over and over.

We already have a status quo which can stay static. If this stuff was trivially easy, then it would already be in all the standard texts in the colleges, now, wouldn't it? The fact is even most of the brainiacs say "I donno" when asked to explain, so don't expect it to be easy, and expect it to be university-level discussions with lots of big words that you have to look up... or on the other hand, we can go back to discussing your virginity, which would be a lot more fun. So, dear, how long were you planning to stay a virgin? Have you ever even seen an episode of Sex in the City? You heard that they made a movie too, haven't you?