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How do I recognize an empath?

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I am an empath and have brought up the subject several times on this board but no one appeared to show any interest. Jenn, and Leiandra are both on track though. I have a thread I started that I have posted much information in, right here in the spiritual forum, The tittle of the thread is Empaths and Empathy.


Like most humans, goingdown, empaths can be recognized by what you receive from them. That old "know them by the fruit they bear" statement someone once made.

Like everything it's walking the walk, not talking about it, that's the proof. And like Leia said probably pretty much everyone has the seed. Not everyone will or can grow it and not every tree grows straight and strong. :)

Jenn was also very much right when she said that like any skill empathy has to be trained to use well, otherwise it's likely to harm both empath and those they wish to assist.

Follow Leia's link and find other info from that. I think that will getcha started on a reasonably sure footing.



Pica Pica:
They smell of Patchouli.

Patchouli? Did you mean Ravioli? Oh goody were having pasta for super.
PS make sure to put lots of tomatoes in it.


I'm an empath too.  Sometimes it's a blessing and sometimes a curse.  I'm usually at peace with the people around me because it's too hard to deal with negative emotions sometimes.  It's also not just limited to physical distances either because I've been able to sense others' emotions through just chatting with them.

Posted on: October 03, 2008, 11:08:03 am
--- Quote from: Pica Pica on October 03, 2008, 05:52:02 am ---They smell of Patchouli.

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Um, not a favorite scent of mine, although I do have some patchouli essential oil. :P


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