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Well i have labels for me. Like lesbian which tells men don't waste your time with me. I also have transbian which means i like girls like me. I also have lean and healthy and blonde etc etc etc.. works for me.. :)

Sarah Louise:
Labels can never totally discribe a person.  No one fits into just one catagory and trying to force someone into a "tight" label does them an injustice.

I don't like the term TS, I would rather just be called a woman.  But I guess shrinks and society in general needs some way to put us in a seperate area so they can forget about us.


i personally feel that if you are post-op, you shouldn't be labelled TS at all.  that's my opinion on it.  i'm less sure about it, when it comes to pre-ops (like myself).  if i call myself TS, people might think i'm "therefore" not a woman.  but i am.  so to keep it accurate, i might think to not call myself TS... but if i do that, people will think i've got female genitalia.  which i don't.  so i go back to the thing of calling myself TS again... and it goes around in an endless logic loop.

i seem to settle on calling myself "mid-transition" because, as most people don't know what i mean by it, they don't bother thinking anything of it.  yet if somebody were to assume i have female genitalia, i did say something that might've warned them.  it's a bad compromise, but i don't see any perfect solution, so i make do with it.

I personally have a distaste for labels as all they are is an attempt to "discribe" ourselves to other individuals, and of course everyone personally describes a particular label different then others, so no true picture is communicated.

I find it much more worthy to simply let others feel and experience what you are by your own conduct toward them and others.  It doesn't allways put you in the best light, depending on thier pre-concieved views,or understanding of your actions, but over the long run is much more honest and less open to interpetation in the long run as it is more fact and individually based rather then group based.  We are after all, individuals with individual experience and feelings.

Win some, lose some


Ah!  Semantics, life is to complicated for words any way. Each second brings its own unique situation. Labels only generalize it as in "average" there is none.


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