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The evidence is there... or is it?

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For you Cindy (=

--- Quote from: cindybc on October 17, 2008, 02:54:52 am --- Hi well I am not atheist but I on the other hand will not touch on the subject of religion, to volatile and contradictory. I am a student in search of the wisdom of the infinite potentialies or the universal forces.

--- Quote ---I am saying that I believe that the "evidence" is there. Whether generic you sees it or not is something else. But, you have to understand I've had "voices" and such all of my life (quick quick someone call a shrink!), so the concept of "life as normal" isn't very "normal" to me. That said I personally find there to be evidence out there, but I do think most if not all of that can be "discarded" if one wishes. So it ends up, if you don't want to see it, there isn't evidence and (generic) you get to be justified, an if you do see evidence, well, (generic) you still gets to be justified. *shrug* It isn't my plan.
--- End quote ---

Kim, if you wish, please present the new topic if you would, What we have discussed on different occasions  is a subject that does not appear to die easy which indicates to me that there is interest still in Spirituality and Metaphysics on this board. Can't see why we can not give it another go and see what falls out of the hat. Thank you.

--- End quote ---

Mostly I do this for Cindy as I have zero desire to try to prove I exist right now, an frankly I am too tempted to try to explain and that is something I do not want the search engines/archives to have.

So, in brief, my quote above generally says it. I believe the evidence for the existence of "spiritual beings" exist, but that evidence can be easily discounted if one does not want to find it. I propose that this is why a lot of the "why" some believe so vehemently in things both for, and against the existence of such.


Hi Kimberly, Thank you for starting this thread discussion, Cindy bows slightly in respect hat with long plume in hand.

I do not want this topic to be just for me. I am hoping that others who have shown interest will come forward and share with us. To share with us at the lever of understanding that they are at the present time and not to worry if they are not as deep into the knowledge of spirituality as the next person.

I don't pretend I know all the answers, but I certainly have a good portion of the questions. I don't truly know if anyone still living in this finite realty truly knows all the answers, but there are those that I would say are truly more advanced in the wisdom in the infinite spheres of the quantum realities and how far along are we at this point along those spheres. Do we as spirit beings truly choose to loop back to a certain point along this continuum to be reborn into this reality to undertake a new mission?  Reincarnation.


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                            The Evidence is there or is it?

                            A spiritual discussion thread

Interested in the phenomena of the metaphysical, spiritual experiences, the paranormal, quantum realities, extraterrestrial intelligence, unidentified phenomena, and the many more unexplainable phenomena, illusory or real, is the universe truly a hologram, or a reality manifested by a synergy of oneness or a universal consciousness? ad infinitum. 



Ah rats. If I had known you had something already I'd not have made this silly thread. Ah well, tis what I get for not reading the blogs eh? ;)

Hi Kimberly, It isn't a silly Idea, I think it's a wonderful Idea to have started this thread for others to come and share their ideas, feelings and thoughts about the awakening I guess is as good a way to describe it as any. Hard to label something with qualities that are of an infinite continuum of parallel realities. Blogs don't always get responded to. Since the topic pertains to the infinite potentialities, there's is also just as many different ideas and thoughts that can be shared on these realm of the infinities.

This is a fine thread hon, well intentioned to illuminate the way for those who would like to learn and to see beyond the veil of illusion. Well, with inflation and the dollar being higher then the Canadian loonie I had to increase the two cents to three cents.


hi girls.  well, yes...the evidence is clear for those who want to see it, and just as clear for those who aren't so inclined.  faith is not something one can buy, earn, learn...find on the street, steal, beg or's just simply a gift of grace.  grace, though, isn't a tangible.  you can't touch it or see it or hear it...but you do have to make some move to recieve it.  it's always there and God is always offering it, but He will not impose it.  i wish there was just some simple formula, something you could just repeat a process for someone and have it come to be...but i know of none.  we are all inspired in different ways by different stemuli...the same circumstance that makes me absolutely sure of God and His Risen Son may be no more then colorful story to another and what makes them sure of their beliefs may be no more to me.

i believe that the God of abraham, isaac and jacob is the same God of all.  i believe that He is big enough to express Himself in many, many different ways and is not so egocentric as to limit his creation's access to Him by anything or anyone's own imagination.  however one calls on Him will be answered in the same light as comes the call.  whatever God you call on who's substance is love and hope is the real God, the one true God...a God of many names and a God of no name.  God is a mystery of love....we think we know love...but my suspicion is that we can't even scratch the surface of what it really is.  the only thing i'm really sure of in this whole world is that whoever you are, wherever you come from, however you practice your religion, whatever evil you have done in your life....God loves you madly!


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